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Operator's choice

Integrate your joysticks with some additional functions, giving you the ability to raise the cab and move the outriggers from one control.

Volvo wheeled excavator EW240E MH

Made for material handling

Specifically designed for waste and recycling industries and manufactured in the Volvo factory, the EW240E Material Handler offers all the tested features from our previous excavators – and much more.

Volvo wheeled excavator EW240E MH

Comfort Drive Control

New for the Volvo wheeled excavator range, Comfort Drive Control gives you the opportunity to control the machine using only the joystick, up to 20km/h. As an option, you can order the machine without the steering column, to boost further visibility.

Volvo wheeled excavator EW240E MH

Smooth control

Experience instant response, thanks to the optimized hydraulics system and new specific joystick, providing you with an array of functions at your fingertips. The grapple control and soft swing braking system work in harmony for improved accuracy during simulatenous operations.

Volvo wheeled excavator EW240E MH

Volvo boom and arm

Lift with precision using the redesigned boom and arm. The boom cylinder dampening minimizes shaking and holds the grapple in place, for enhanced stability. The machine is equipped with an arm in limitation, designed to prevent collision between the cab and the grapple. As an extra safety feature when working indoors, Volvo offers the optional height limitation function.

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