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Built to last

All detail – no matter how small - is overlooked. Silicone caulking is used to prevent rust, waterproof harnesses and connections have been installed - as well as heavy-duty door hinges and bolted-on protection for the framework lights.

Volvo EC220E digger: built to last

Endure the toughest working conditions in the Volvo EC220E digger. Each component plays an integral part in making this machine strong enough to tackle challenging terrain and adverse weather. Its silicone caulking prevents rust and heavy-duty door hinges protect the frame-work lights, durably designed to withstanding the test of time.

volvo excavator ec220e t4f

Building on Foundations of Trust and Quality

Quality is one of Volvo’s core values and it goes hand-in-hand with reliability and durability. The EC220E pays particular attention to having all the components working at a high level of capacity but also being built to stand the test of time – providing the customer and operator with peace of mind.

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