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The robust and reliable R100E rigid dumper delivers superior, long lasting performance. Engineered with uptime in mind, the heavy-duty dumper is simple and uncomplicated in its design, and purpose-built to achieve optimum productivity shift after shift, day in and day out.

Volvo Rigid hauler R100E

Access more uptime

Access more uptime with the R100E rigid dumper from Volvo, designed to work for you. The simple and uncomplicated machine design is purpose-built to meet the demands of tough job site conditions. Featuring easy maintenance access, this rigid dumper ensures regular inspections are swift and efficient. Add a range of aftermarket solutions and the result is optimum machine availability.

Volvo Rigid hauler R100E

Ease of serviceability

Ease of access not only optimizes safety, but it also maximizes machine uptime. All service points are strategically grouped and within reach from the ground and service platform. To simplify mechanical servicing, the rigid dumper features common-sized bearings and direct bolt-on wheel rim connections. Inside the cab, access top-level diagnostic data using the operator-friendly dashboard for fast analysis and solutions.

Volvo Rigid hauler R100E

Here to support you

The exclusive Volvo dealer network is here to support you whenever you need it. Volvo offers a number of services, local knowledge and global mining experience, including superb parts availability and telematics machine reports. Speak to your local Volvo dealer for more information about uptime-enhancing solutions, such as Volvo Services Agreements (VSA) and extended warranties.

Volvo Rigid hauler R100E

Durable by design

Built to last, the R100E rigid dumper from Volvo is durable by design. The high strength, flexible chassis structure and responsive wishbone-type front suspension absorb potentially damaging shocks and vibrations that can occur when operating. Regardless of environmental conditions, you can depend on the hydraulics to remain clean and protected against contamination for optimum machine availability.

Rigid hauler R100E

Robust protection

Working in challenging conditions means every component must be protected. With the Volvo R100E rigid dumper, you can rely on a strong design and excellent build quality. Ensure long component lifecycle and machine uptime thanks to the latest generation transmission control system, neutral coast inhibitor and overspeed protection features.

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