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Volvo D16 engine

The high quality D16 engine delivers 11% increased horsepower for high productivity and increased fuel efficiency.

Volvo EC750D excavator: productivity you can control

Efficiency is at the forefront of every job we do. Engineered with efficiency in mind, the EC750D combines high productivity and total control. Achieve a faster and more efficient on site production with the crawler excavator, fitted with larger buckets, designed to deliver more tonnes per hour. With increased horsepower, hydraulic pressure and flow, Volvo keeps the machine performing at optimal capacity, ensuring greater productivity.

volvo excavator ec750d t3

Gain more, pay less

Secure more profit and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by increasing productivity and fuel efficiency. Do more for less on your job site with the EC750D’s Volvo D16 engine, which delivers increased horsepower and fuel efficiency. The machine’s electro hydraulic system provides high productivity and excellent control.

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