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Powerful and efficient Volvo D-Series excavator soon available in Indonesia

The EC220DL excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment’s D-Series is not just more powerful than its predecessor – it also has up to 10% greater fuel economy. Volvo´s D-series with world-leading fuel efficiency will soon be available for excavator customers in Indonesia.

The new D-Series excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment have the strength and durability to take on a range of challenging tasks. With faster cycle times, excellent digging and lifting capabilities, and a capacity for greater productivity, the EC220DL has what it takes to get the job done — every time.

The unit represents the very latest in construction equipment technology. Gerrit Lambert, Sales & Marketing Director at PT Volvo Indonesia, said Konstruksi Indonesia 2016, provided an ideal platform for construction companies to get a look at the EC220DL and to learn more about the D-Series range.

“We chose to show an EC220DL so visitors could see for themselves the productivity and efficiency these advanced D-Series machines offer,” he said. “This excavator is really well-suited to applications such as quarry work, and with demand for building materials on the rise in Indonesia, the EC220DL represents a good option for companies looking to boost their output levels.”

Increased power and digging force as well as faster cycle times offer operators greater productivity for all D-Series machines. Compared to the previous models, hydraulic pump flow has improved by 3 to 5% while digging force, swing torque and tractive force have increased by between 3 and 6%.

The EC220DL has a powerful six-cylinder diesel engine, with a 138 kW (188 hp) rating. Volvo’s unique integrated work mode system features on the machine and now includes G4 mode for optimum fuel efficiency and machine performance. Operators can choose from a selection of five modes — idle, fine, general, heavy and power max mode.

The ability to adapt to the worksite allows for more precise performance and promotes a more efficient use of fuel. Volvo’s unique ECO mode contributes to up to 5% of the machine’s total improved fuel efficiency – without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. The design’s electronic pump control technology reduces flow and pressure losses while maintaining digging power and maximizing swing torque.

Performance can be further matched to the task by an attachment management system, which stores up to 20 different presets. This allows hydraulic flow and pressure adjustments to be set according to the needs of the tool at the touch of a button.

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A new electro-hydraulic system and main control valve use intelligent technology to control on-demand flow and reduce internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. This provides increased controllability, shorter cycle times and improved fuel efficiency. Thanks to the system’s greater controllability, both grading and combined operations have been improved. Operators benefit from smoother and easier movement when traveling and lifting simultaneously, while better quality grading comes from the harmonized boom and arm movement.

For greater productivity, D-Series excavators have the latest generation cab, which offers excellent visibility, ideally placed controls, and a quieter, spacious, safer and more comfortable place to work. The new color LCD I-ECU monitor displays the machine’s status and also controls the attachment management system.

D-Series excavators feature easy maintenance. Wide opening compartment doors give access to grouped, ground-level filters while service points are simpler and safer to get to. Centralized filters and greasing points allow regular checks to be completed quickly and easily.

The D-Series excavators are available with a comprehensive choice of service plans from routine wear inspections to full service agreements and ECO Operator training.

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Volvo D6

Max. power

123 kW

at 1 800 r/min, gross

(167 hp)

Max. lifting capacity

*7 470 kgf

along undercarriage (1.5 m/6.0 m)

(5.7m boom / 2.9m arm)

Max. digging reach

9.93 m


(5.7m boom / 2.9m arm)

Max. digging depth

6.73 m


(5.7m boom / 2.9m arm)

Max. Breakout force – bucket

(Normal / Power boost) ISO6015

145 / 153 kN

(5.7m boom / 2.9m arm)

Max. Tearout force – arm

(Normal / Power boost) ISO6015

105 / 111 kN

(5.7m boom / 2.9m arm)

Operating weight

21.1-24.1 t