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ABG Tracked Pavers

Variomatic Screeds

Volvo Variomatic Screeds - The heart of the paver

Volvo offers various screeds for the pavers to meet the specific needs of the customer. With the advanced DuoTamp High Density screed, very high compaction is achieved by the screed, reducing or even eliminating the need for rolling. The result is uniform compaction and optimum evenness of the placed pavement. The Variomatic screeds are easily extended to more than double their basic width, making these screeds extremely flexible.

Volvo attachment Omni V screed

Omni V ETC screed

Single tamper Variomatic screed with a paving width of 2.5-7.5m.

Available for: P5320 ABG

Volvo screed VB 88 ETC

VB 88 ETC screed

Single tamper Variomatic screed with a paving width of 3.0-10.0m.

Available for: P7920 ABG

Volvo screed VDT-V 89 ETC

VDT-V 89 ETC screed

Double tamper Variomatic screed for special crown profiles with a paving width of 3.0-9.0m. The best partners for paving thick layers, Volvo Variomatic screeds with dual tamper bar offer higher pre-compaction to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your projects. The double tamper technology delivers a 5-7% higher degree of compaction and can achieve up to 98% Marshall density. It also provides the best possible even surface due to the feeding effect of the first tamper. Volvo screeds for special crown profiles are the perfect choice when creating special profiles in the road surface. With two additional articulated sections which are adjustable upwards or downwards by 10% (5.7°), they create the possibility to pave irregular profiles with greater ease, reduced material wastage and at a lower cost.

Available for: P7920 ABG

Variomatic screeds

Key features
  • Quick coupling system for fast addition/removal of extensions
  • Fast screed heating - three independent circuits and 2 heating bars per segment
  • Precise electric thermo-controlled heating with automatic temperature adjustment
  • Intuitive screed control unit
  • Very stable screed guide system
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Ease of lubrication
  • Grade and slope controls
  • Dual tamper bar variant for higher pre-compaction of thick layers
  • Special profiles variant
Fixed screeds

Discover our range of Fixed screeds, best suited for big projects with a paving width of up to 13 meters.

Fixed screeds
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