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Get up and running quickly with an all-in-one package to suit your Volvo carrier, that is ready to use and includes hydraulic hoses, breaker and relevant tools. For specialised breaking tasks Volvo recognizes that work site to work site differs in varying degrees, which is why each excavator breaker above the 8ton range can be configured from tool tip to the arm or coupler connection point.

HB14 Low Noise

Volvo hydraulic breakers are designed to work in harmony with your Volvo excavator, delivering the consistent power and performance you need – strike after strike.


HB15 Low Noise

Durable by design and with a range work tools and breaker configurations to suit your operation, Volvo hydraulic breakers are ready to take on the most demanding projects.


HB18 Low Noise

Whatever the task at hand, the powerful Volvo hydraulic breakers are designed to deliver impressive results, while reducing fuel consumption and demands on the machine.


HB21 Low Noise

The two-speed control, combined with an extensive range of available work tools means Volvo hydraulic breakers offer flexibility and a tailored solution for every application.

Available for: EC220D


HB22 Low Noise

Built with hard work in mind, with a Volvo hydraulic breaker, you can take on the toughest jobs and stay more productive – for longer.

Available for: EC220D


HB25 Low Noise

With the perfect balance of weight and power, every detail of the Volvo breaker has been designed to work in harmony with your Volvo machine.

Available for: EC250D


HB30 Low Noise

Volvo breakers are supplied as an all-in-one package so you can get straight to work, including your choice of hoses, bracket and tools.

Available for: EC300D


HB36 Low Noise

Easy-to-use and supplied ready to work, Volvo hydraulic breakers offer consistent performance and power to ensure great results on any job site.

Available for: EC380D, EC350D


HB38 Low Noise

Volvo hydraulic breaker come with an extensive selection of available work tools, helping you take on a wide range of tasks both within and between sites.

Available for: EC380D


HB48 Low Noise

Wherever you are working and whatever the project, Volvo hydraulic breakers are designed to deliver outstanding versatility, performance and durability.

Available for: EC480D


HB75 Low Noise

Maximize your productivity with Volvo hydraulic breakers, delivering optimum power and performance with every strike.

Available for: EC750D

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