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Turn your loader into a true allrounder

Many have tried to copy Volvo wheel loaders' allrounder concept, but without success. Different jobs require different attachments, and because Volvo is the loading shovel manufacturer with the most comprehensive range of attachments, you can equip your Volvo loading shovel with attachments that not only do your loader full justice, but also precisely meet your needs and operating conditions. This means unmatched flexibility and versatility.


Attachment Brackets

volvo attachment wheel loader vo

Attachment Bracket - VAB-STD

The standard Volvo attachment bracket VAB-STD is the most commonly used attachment bracket in the world. Originally developed by Volvo and proven for decades globally. The cast steel design offers excellent visibility for the operator. The VABSTD allows quick and safe interchangeability of all hook on attachments in this catalogues as well as attachments from earlier machine generations. The ISO organization have created a International standard based on the Volvo design, ISO 23727.

volvo attachment wheel loader vo

Attachment Bracket - VAB-STD side tilt

The side tilting attachment bracket gives you the possibility to tilt the attachment sideways up to +/-20°. This gives you great benefits in several applications.


volvo attachment compact loader

Multi purpose bucket

The MP bucket is ideal for a variety of material handling tasks. The operator can open the bucket to more accurately control and place the load. Features a smooth edge for grading and dozing operations.

volvo attachment wheel loader bu

General purpose bucket - Standard

The best all-round bucket. When fitted with bolt-on edges it works well handling loose material and aggregates in both short cycle and load and carry operations. When fitted with welded teeth options and segments, it is the best choice for loading easily broken material from banks.

volvo attachment wheel loader bu

General purpose bucket - Heavy duty

The best choice for all-round efficiency. The bucket is primarily intended for use in low-impact operations, with moderately abrasive materials such as dirt, loam, gravel, and clay. Reflective stickers boost visibility for quick and easy filling. Reinforced with wear resistant steel HB400 and HB500. Can be equipped with bolt-on edges, welded teeth options and segments.

volvo attachment wheel loader bu

General purpose bucket - Flat floor

Optimized for soft underfoot conditions and earth moving applications such as landscaping, stripping topsoil and grading. The smart bucket design offers maximum traction and break-out force, while maintaining a clean and level work area. Volvo recommends fitting your bucket with flush adapters and GP points.


volvo attachment wheel loader fo

Standard forks

The pallet fork frame with pallet fork tines allow the machine to handle, load and move pallets of building material, drainage pipe, lumber, or loose items like sewer pipe easily around the uneven terrain of a construction site.

volvo attachment wheel loader fo

Visibility optimized forks

The visibility optimized forks give the operator a clear view to the ends of the tines. These tines increase precision, control and productivity.

volvo attachment wheel loader fo

Lumber forks

Thin and durable fork tines for handling the stacks of planks. With extended back rest enables the possibility to take several stacks at the same time

volvo attachment wheel loader fo

Side shift forks

Fork frame is ideal for cases where the width of the load varies. The fork tines can be hydraulically adjusted to the width of the load.

volvo attachment wheel loader fo

Combi fork

With the specially designed one-piece top clamp, the combi fork is perfect for handling palletized goods or roundwood in applications where the load must be secured.


volvo attachment wheel loader gr

General Purpose grapple

The general purpose grapple is an all-round grapple for handling and sorting tree length stems or for gripping single stems. It has longer tines than the sorting grapple.

volvo attachment wheel loader gr

Sorting grapple

The sorting grapple has relatively long and straight tines that can slide along the ground so the grapple can be easily filled when loading from stacks and sorting bunkers. This grapple can also be used for unloading.

Material Arm

volvo attachment wheel loader ar

Material handling arm

The material handling arm is used on construction sites for pipelaying etc. It has two telescopic sections with built-in mechanical stops to prevent overextension.

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