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High-lift arm system

Volvo’s high-lift arm system is designed for high stacking and long reach – allowing you to increase productivity and maximize your timber yard.

Sky-high productivity

Lift higher and reach further with the L180H HL and Volvo’s range of grapples. Designed for log handling, this purpose-built machine allows you to stack higher and load faster – increasing productivity and profitability. Get the job done with Volvo.

Boom Suspension System

The standard Boom Suspension System (BSS) boosts productivity by absorbing shock and reducing the bounce that occurs when operating on rough ground. This enables faster and more comfortable work cycles and increases machine life.

Grapple with rotator unit

For ease of use when placing and picking up logs from the middle of the stack, or when operating over uneven terrain, the grapple with rotator unit and built in shock absorbers can be rotated and tilted. The grapple-tilt cylinder has an integrated damping function which effectively counteracts swaying and provides better control of the load.

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