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Volvo Services Health Report

Health Report

Data made easy, keeping machines in top condition

Keep your machines working

Keep your hardworking Volvo machines up and running across challenging conditions with Health Report, designed to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and repair costs. The report makes it easy to monitor machine health and identify early indications of potential problems.

Why choose Health Report?

Reduce unplanned downtime

Take action and work closely with your Volvo dealer to ensure your machine stays in top shape. Health Report helps to detect irregular machine conditions, so you can address them and keep your machine working.

Control repair costs

Catch small issues before they turn into big ones with Health Report, designed to ensure your machine is being used appropriately . With insight into instances of unwanted strain put on the machine at your fingertips, you have the key to improve operating practices and minimize potential repair costs.

Ready-made analysis

Save time and money. The smart report presents vital information in an easy-to-understand format, eliminating the need to sift through complicated data.

Health Report is customized to your organization, providing valuable insights on the fleet overview, as well as the machines on site level.

What is analyzed

Operating behavior alerts

Stay up-to-date on how your machine is being handled. The report helps you identify areas of improvement for reduced strain. For each operating alert, the report includes an explanation of the long-term effect, as well as tips on how to avoid it.

Technical alarms

Stay informed of your machine's conditions thanks to a list of technical alarms, such as low coolant level and high engine temperature. These alarms are generated by the machine to highlight areas that require your attention.

Volvo Services Health Report
How does it work?
  • Machine data points are captured via CareTrack®.
  • Volvo system automatically compiles the information into an easy-to-read pdf report, sent to your inbox every week.
More to offer

Health Report is the perfect complement to Volvo's maintenance and repair programs.

To find more reports, check out our portfolio! For example, should you be interested in a snapshot of key information related to the health, fuel-efficiency and productivity of your fleet, consider our Summary Report.

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