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Site Efficiency Services

What is Site Efficiency Services?

Site Efficiency Services is a combination of Volvo Construction Equipment products and services, that after a consultation, can be tailored specifically to your requirements, enabling you to run your machines more efficiently. The scope of services range from minimal action and advice to more longer term collaborative projects to achieve sustained efficiency improvements. Progress is monitored remotely via your machines on-board telematics system enabling you to set targets and keep track of your machines performance, wherever you are.

Site efficiency services process steps
What are the benefits

Reduced Operating Costs Lower fuel consumption
Improved fuel efficiency
Reduced maintenance costs

Improved Operating Efficiency
Improved profitability
Move more material in the same time and at a lower cost

Increased Production
Increased asset utilisation
More tonnes per machine hour

Reduced Emissions
Reduce carbon footprint
Reduced consumption of natural resources

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