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Off-balance Financing

Less risk

Off-balance Financing

Off balance finance solutions are tax-efficient plans if you want the machine to earn money as you pay for its use. Without the machine on your balance sheet, you have no disposal or depreciation risk. At the end of the contract you return the machine to us. Insurance and a Customer Service Agreement can often be included in the contract.

Operating Lease


The machine is leased for an agreed period with fixed monthly rentals tailored to an agreed annual usage (hrs). Ownership and financial risk remain with SMT. Benefits include, easier budgeting, improved cash flow at a competitive monthly cost. Ability to include customer service agreements, insurance products and other bespoke products. Contracts can be extended for a maximum of 12 months, machines are subject to inspections upon agreement maturity and return to SMT.

Finance solutions are provided by Volvo Financial Services. Volvo Financial Services does not provide tax or accounting advice. Customers should consult their tax attorney or accountant about individual circumstances.

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