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First EC160E sold in Great Britain goes to JJ Groundworks of Buckingham

The desire to change out a six year old Volvo EC160C for the latest E model has materialised in the very first EC160E to be delivered in Great Britain going to JJ Groundworks of Buckingham. 

JJ Groundworks

The desire to change out a six year old Volvo EC160C for the latest E model has materialised in the very first EC160E to be delivered in Great Britain going to JJ Groundworks of Buckingham.

JJ Groundworks is owned by Jack and Ben Radford, a father and son partnership which was established in 2001 specialising in all types of groundworks activities. This includes drainage, ground infrastructure including sewer work, footings for domestic and commercial properties, landscaping and finishing jobs. The company also undertakes bespoke house building projects and major house extensions in the private sector.

Having previously operated Volvo and Samsung excavators it was son Ben who influenced the decision to opt for their first Volvo EC160C six years ago. “We weren’t disappointed with the performance and overall build quality of the machine. It certainly ticked all the boxes for the contracts we generally undertake and not least, demonstrated very good fuel economy,” says Ben Radford. “After six good years and with the machine only clocking up 5600 hours it was time to decide whether to keep it for ever or replace it with a brand new model. And replacing it was the right decision as we discovered, because we were able to realise 45% of the original value when we sold it privately - which is another big plus for owning a Volvo,” he continued.

Ben Radford has been really impressed with the new EC160E’s power and balance and makes a point that even when equipped with a 60” bulk bucket normally fitted to a larger 20 tonne model, the machine has no problem in handling its load whilst maintaining full stability at maximum reach.

The EC160E features a Tier IV final 4 litre Volvo engine developing 148 nett horsepower. Operators can select the best work mode for the task at hand, ensuring optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Modes include: I-idle, F-fine, G-general, H-heavy or P-power, with the machine automatically setting the appropriate engine speed for the work mode and ECO mode is a new feature that works in G to H (or P) mode. Pump flow is controlled for combined digging and swinging operations to reduce the flow loss through the overload relief valves, while maintaining digging power and maximum swing torque. Eco mode provides better fuel efficiency without loss of performance in most operating conditions.

The Volvo Care Cab offers a large roomy interior with plenty of leg room and foot space. The excellent all round visibility is enhanced by pressurized and filtered cab air supplied by a 14 vent, climate control system. An adjustable easy to read LCD colour monitor provides real time information of the machine functions, important diagnostic information and a wide variety of work tool settings. The monitor also doubles as a monitor for the rear view camera which is fitted as standard as well as an offside mounted camera that JJ Groundworks ordered as an optional extra. Besides that, ordering additional, optional LED work lights has proved to be a benefit on site providing a high degree of illumination – not just for Ben who operates the machine but for his co-workers on the ground. Hammer / shear hydraulics are offered as standard on the EC160E as are hose rupture valves on the boom and dipper cylinders.

The new arrival joins a mix of eight excavators ranging from 1.5 tonnes up to 18 tonnes in operating weight including a Volvo ECR58D and two ECR88D’s which are highly specified featuring Miller twin lock quick hitches and Scoop buckets. The company has also fabricated bespoke tool boxes which are mounted on the front of the cabs and has added side mounted scratch plates in stainless checker plate to protect the machine superstructures. From its base in Buckingham JJ Groundworks is ideally positioned to undertake contracts across the northern Home Counties concentrating in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire.

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