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Lucy Metcalfe explains what she got up to in a week's Work Experience at SMT GB

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity of working at SMT GB for a week’s Work Experience. I have learnt a lot and as a university Journalism student, it has taught me a lot about writing for a magazine. Experience is always needed in addition to a course qualification as it actually teaches life skills that a university can’t teach.


Day 1:

My first day was filled with nerves but that soon disappeared after meeting the lovely staff at the Duxford office. My Aunty, Amy Metcalfe then showed me around the building to meet everyone and to look at the construction equipment on the site… the haulers are huge! After the tour, I was given control of the ‘SMT GB’ Twitter account and managed it on Tweetdeck which was difficult at first due to not really using Twitter myself but I soon got the hang of it. The rest of the day was spent writing articles for SMT’s internal magazine and I finished the day off with tweeting about new merchandise.

Day 2:

A lot of my second day was spent in the car and we first headed over to Rickmar Plant Sales to interview the team. They were all really lovely and after we had taken down enough notes, we took a few photos to feature in the Voice magazine alongside the article. We then went to the Birmingham office and interviewed Joe and Eddie there for articles in the internal magazine. It was a long drive back to the office and then I started writing out the articles that I had taken notes on during the day.


Day 3:

The morning of my third day consisted of finishing the three article write-ups and uploading the photos to the system. After I had finished the articles I created a Quiz for the internal magazine which was really fun to do. Writing out an article for the newsletter was next and then I came up with a few design ideas for the front cover of the internal magazine.

Day 4:

I began the day finishing off the newsletter sections that I had started the day before on InDesign and added photographs and colours. A competition was needed for the internal magazine, so I took to Photoshop and designed a ‘Spot the Difference’ Christmas themed image. I was very happy with the finished design. Lastly I met Helena, a SMT GB apprentice engineer and took down notes for an article in the Voice magazine and captured a few photos.

Day 5:

For my last day at SMT GB, I condensed a press release down to an appropriate size for the newsletter in InDesign and then took some photos of the merchandise with white paper for the background. Later on we headed down to the warehouse to take photographs of the new Vertical Storage Units with the team standing between them. Back in the office I inserted the photographs into the newsletter article which led me onto a phone interview with one of the Sales Managers about his trip to France for the internal magazine. The last aspect of the day was an interview with Jason Frost and I then wrote an article with the notes gathered from both interviews and that was my last task of the final day.

It has been a very insightful experience and it has made me understand what it would be like to work in this type of environment. I have loved working on the magazines and it has given me inspiration to create a university newspaper or magazine as we don’t currently have one.


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