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Creating a place for nature

Steve Noakes, an employee at Volvo Construction Equipment GB, has a great passion and love for wildlife. When Steve got the go ahead from the Exec Group allowing an area to be set aside to create wildlife havens for nature, he was very pleased!


After sharing his thoughts and ideas, an area was identified - the grass bank at the front of the site and to the left of the main gate into the yard. The area is now marked by signs containing information about what Steve hopes to achieve by leaving the area unmanaged.

Although the area is small, Steve hopes over time to be able to expand, create and develop other areas with the help of interested individuals and to perhaps encourage those with young families to help make bird and bat boxes to go up around the site.

Another reason behind the idea is that there is a lot of focus on individual’s health and well-being, and looking at ways to try and improve it, one of which is the benefit of a walk in the countryside. Steve’s vision is to create havens for wildlife around the site and bring the countryside to us.

The hope would be to encourage people away from their desks at lunchtime, and come and relax in different surroundings and watch the wildlife going about its daily business.

In the spring, another of Steve’s ideas is to connect up a webcam with a live feed so employees can watch birds tending to their young with the aim that staff will return to work feeling a little more refreshed and recharged.

A recent BBC article highlights the importance of protecting road verges as a conservation priority, and PlantLife calls for better management of grassy verges to preserve a wealth of different flowering plants.


Recent BBC Article

Plantlife calls for better management of grassy verges
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