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Creating a place for nature - update

Step aside Chris Packham as Steve Noakes brings us the latest “Springwatch” update from Duxford…

Great Tit 2324x1200-hero

These photos are of the area behind the racking at the back of the warehouse yard. This area had to be dug out after thieves deliberately poured out the hydraulic oil from drums that were being stored in the yard. The emptied drums where then used to steal diesel from the tank.

Warehouse Yard 1 600x400Warehouse Yard 2 600x400After it was dug out it was filled with new soil, wildflower seeds were scattered and then the area was left to its own devices. It is now a haven for bees, butterflies and many other insects and small mammals.

In the trees in this area, Wayne Lister had built and put up several nest boxes, and on 27 June a pair of Great Tits could be heard calling to the youngsters inside trying to entice them out of their nice, warm and dry home. It was the day when we had nearly 24 hours torrential and continuous rain. For a number of years Wayne has watched many Blue Tit and Great Tit chicks successfully fledge from his home made nest boxes.

The photo at the top of the page is of a Great Tit about to enter the hole of a dumper “A” frame to feed its young inside. As with the Pied Wagtails, a sign was put up to warn people of the presence of the nest.

The Pied Wagtail chicks successfully fledged, with one of them ending up in the workshop area. The young fledgling was carefully removed back outside by Jerry Underwood, where the parents could find it. It looks like they are going for a second brood in the Paver.

Wagtails-paver-2324x1200-heroA pair of Moorhens had nested on the pond, producing 5 chicks. They can be seen around the pond with the parent birds, who can get very vocal if you approach anywhere near them.

I would also like to thank those that have shared some of their own wildlife encounters. Here are just a few of them.
• Dave Hill had a Robins nest in his shed. He watched them successfully fledge, and safely leave his shed.
• Whilst Jodi Etherton’s Mum was visiting her, they heard beautiful song of a Nightingale from a garden nearby.
• Jay Bridgstock told me of the amazing wildlife he regularly sees near his home, they include Marsh Harriers, Barn Owls and Golden Orioles.
• Kenny Lane also has a place he has set aside in his garden for wildlife.

There is a national campaign by “PlantLife” to encourage Councils and other authorities to leave road side verges uncut. We tweeted a picture of an area we have set aside along Moorfield Road, and received a tweet back from Plantlife wanting to talk to us about working together to promote their campaign of putting more colour back alongside our roads and create havens for flora and fauna.


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