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Connor Construction first to trial Volvo's new green paving machine!

As a leading company in road construction, Connor Construction (South West) constantly seeks the latest technology from leading manufacturers. Being well acquainted with Volvo Construction Equipment, we have asked them to trial the new P4820D paver.


Ian Webb, Managing Director of Connor Construction writes …

"Just as we have trusted Volvo in our purchases of machinery, they have trusted us to trial their P4820D paver, a machine that could lay the new standard for pavers! "

Connor-Volvo paver trial side 600x400-webGreen is the New Black
We are excited to test this machine because of its greener features and fuel efficiency. The P4820D is the smallest of Volvo's 2.5 meter tracked pavers and their first to have the new EPM 3-control system and Stage-IV, fuel efficient Volvo engine.
Volvo's new paver is more fuel efficient than our current machines. It has load sensing hydraulics and engine, meaning it only demands and gives the power that is needed for application. Along with a host of other new features, it seems Volvo is right to believe that this machine has just raised the bar to a new level!

There is more pressure on contractors to be 'greener', particularly when carrying out works in areas such as London, and we all like to see where we can make cost savings. With this in mind, Volvo decided to make a machine that operates at the capacity that clients, like ourselves, require but using a four-cylinder engine.

Smaller Engine, same Work Appetite!
Colin Mackenzie of Volvo Construction Equipment explains, “The P6870C pavers that Connor already run have six-cylinder engines that are capable of running between 7.5 and up to 9.0 metre screed with upgraded hydraulics, but most of the time they are only operating within the standard width of 2.5 to 5.0 metres. So even though they are fuel efficient machines in their own right, it’s like running a car with a V6 engine all the time. You don’t always need that much power.”

This paver can handle any application and a lot of consideration has been made to its design. For example, the weight and length of this machine means you can load it along with other equipment. In addition, the roof and exhaust pipe is easily lowered and raised, giving you a lower transport height.

For extra reliability, Volvo has designed this paver with a longer undercarriage and automatic track tension system. For greater ground contact, they have a new option of style bolt-on rubber track pads with a 'lube-for-life' track chain.

The P4820D delivers a smoother finish due to having large hopper capacity, enabling uninterrupted supply of material, keeping the paver moving, while reducing stops and starts. They have included a hydraulic front apron to assist with emptying the front of the hopper, avoiding spillage and reducing manual cleaning.

The new Volvo electronic system features an Eco Mode, a system that measures average fuel consumption, displays daily fuel usage and remaining fuel run time. This feature reduces fuel usage up to 30%.

The hydraulic system provides the same high performance as their other machines, while using less fuel, reducing noise levels and emissions.

Sounds good, doesn't it? The only thing we can do now is see what it's like off paper and on the road for ourselves! And seeing as we lay tonnes of asphalt across Europe, Volvo can remain confident that we are the right people to put this paver through its paces!

Watch this space to find out how the P4820D gets on.


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