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The Wind Orchestra

"Volvo i Eskilstuna Musikkår" started in 1943. It was originally called "Bolinder-Munktell Musikkår" and later changed name to "Volvo BM Musikkår" and "VME Musikkår". The orchestra consists of 30 members that practice regularly together.

The Wind Orchestra usually appears at customer events, product launches and other special events at Volvo Construction Equipment, such as concerts for employees, family days and parties.

The orchestra also gives concerts outside of Volvo Construction Equipment events, including concerts in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom.


31/10 Konsert Munktellmuseet kl. 15

6/1 Trettondagskonsert Munktellmuseet inställd

Conductor: Anders Asp
Flute: Ingbritt Svensson, Sara Rehnholm, Elin Klingstedt, Johanna Hedlund
Clarinett: Ronny Karlsson, Fredrik Norrman, Lars-Olov Lundqvist, Robert Karlsson, Anders Fors, Tomas Pettersson, Lars Johansson, Lennart Björk, Sören Källman
Saxophone: Kjell Nordeman, Tommy Wall, Göran Malmkvist, Leonie Schaller, Mats Hasselquist
French horn: Håkan Hedlund, Bo Elzén, Johanna Wolfram
Trumpet: Karl-Eric Svensson, Håkan Lander, Dan Fröberg, Kjell Fröberg, Krister Lindblad, Albert Asp
Trombone: Carl-Fredrik Berg, Conny Schedin, Håkan Österlund
Baritone/Euphonium: Jenny Hägg
Tuba: Karl-Ivar Käck, Francisc Dobondi, Claes Fall
Percussion: Marcus Wolfram

Contact for bookings:
Dan Fröberg: + 46 16 15 10 00,
Carl-Fredrik Berg:

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