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Putting the power into Pouw

Volvo Construction Equipment is supporting the Pouw Group in eastern Holland by hauling a mountain of recyclable materials around its 35,000 m2 sorting site in Utrecht.

Volvo CE’s L220G wheel loader drops earth material into Pouw’s huge sorting containers

Sifting through debris from demolitions, oil-contaminated soil, industrial waste and scrap metal can be a grueling task. But with Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) machines on site to lend the Pouw Group some muscle, the job gets done, quickly, efficiently and safely. Making use of their impressive strength, Volvo excavators and loaders make the job look easy – even more so, when installed with the latest, most powerful, Tier 4i/Stage IIIB engines.

Once the scrap material has been delivered to Utrecht’s site by the truck load, Pouw uses its enormous industrial mechanical sorter to divide the materials into different categories of waste. Then it’s time for the Volvo CE machines to do the heavy lifting and place the materials onto Pouw’s moving conveyor belts. When the materials have been categorized and stored correctly, a lot of the materials are then sold to building contractors for industrial and construction purposes.

Unfazed surrounded by waste and rubbleA second career

The Pouw Group recycles all types of waste products, putting them back to good use. Certified granular material produced from the waste can be used for road construction and the concrete industry. A lot of the recycled materials are used as sub-base on highway projects. The company is constantly looking into new technology that will increase the amount of salvageable and reusable building materials.

“Our company employs 450 people in six different branches throughout the Netherlands,” says Alexander Pouw, owner of the eponymous company. “We recycle demolition and construction waste, clean soil, and also produce mortar – and then our transport company uses 120 vehicles to move the material all over the country.”

Established by Alexander’s father in 1981, the company started as a transport firm and supplier of primary building materials. Over the years it expanded and became a supplier to the soil, road, water and concrete construction sections.

The heft in Holland

“Our Volvo loaders and excavators are used in just about every area on the site,” Pouw says. “They sort all the big heavy stuff, stack material, load trucks, feed crushers and hoppers, and load boats. We couldn’t do our job without them.”

The company now has 20 Volvo CE machines, including six of the latest front-end wheel loaders, the L350, L220, L180, L110, L120, excavator EC480, as well as Volvo Truck’s FH and FM series – featuring the newest and most powerful emission compliant engines. The machines handle up to two million tons of waste products on site every year.

“The new machines are a cut above the rest,” says Pouw. “Don’t get me wrong; we still love our older machines, but even at lower engine speeds the new models have much more power. It’s remarkable, really. We always had to really push the previous machines at peak revs, and now we use much lower engine speeds but reach higher torque levels. These new powerful engines make all the difference. For us it’s of the utmost importance and it’s what sets Volvo apart from other manufacturers.”

“The machines’ advanced filtering, reliable engines and continuous improvements are really paying off,” Pouw adds. “We also like the latest Tier 4i/Stage IIIB engines because of their excellent fuel consumption, and the friendly maintenance service that we receive. If you add all these things up, it saves us time and money. We have to be careful about our emissions here because regulations are strict and government checks are conducted regularly. But one of our core missions is to increase our sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

A loader happily makes its way around the recycling siteFuelling expenses

Compared to the company’s previous generation of machines, it now saves up to 15% more fuel across its entire fleet every year. Fuel prices continue to rise, putting additional pressure on profitability. To reduce the impact of high fuel costs, the Pouw Group receives online fuel consumption data from, CareTrack the built-in remote telematics system installed in the new Volvo machines. It can monitor a single machine’s or whole fleet’s fuel consumption. “This is such a helpful and valued tool in our business,” says Pouw. “Fuel is one of the biggest expenses in our company, so with CareTrack we’re able to communicate with our drivers and advise them on how best to save fuel while enhancing the machine’s total performance.”

The Pouw Group takes environmental care seriously, as does Volvo CE, so fuel efficiency and productivity are significant to both businesses. Pouw concludes: “Compared to its competitors, I think Volvo has the right vision. I don’t compare brands every day, but we know Volvo machines are among the best in the market.”

Text: Chloe Doyle 

Picture 1 : Volvo CE’s L220G wheel loader drops earth material into Pouw’s huge sorting containers

Picture 2 : Unfazed surrounded by waste and rubble

Picture 3 : A loader happily makes its way around the recycling site


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