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When a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Yushu, in Qinghai, China, a Volvo Construction Equipment dealer immediately mobilized, to administer relief goods to the region.

At 07:49 local time on April 14th, a colossal 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit the Tibetan Autonomous Province of Yushu, in Qinghai, China. Followed by a string of aftershocks, the devastating quake caused huge casualties and losses. Until April 22nd, the death toll had risen to 2,187, with 80 still missing and 12,135 injured - among which, 1,434 were in a serious condition. The quake had left 15,000 houses flattened and about 100,000 people had to be relocated.

Volvo Construction Equipment's dealer in Qinghai, Lanzhou Tongguan Construction Machinery, joined many other organizations in acting quickly to help quake victims. The dealer prepared one thousand boxes of instant noodles and another thousand boxes of mineral water for undernourished survivors. Despite the unfavorable road conditions, Lanzhou Tongguan Construction Machinery rushed to the quake site and delivered supplies to the most-devastated area, Gyegu town, by the following day. The fleet also took two service cars and Volvo machine parts with them, to aid the Volvo equipment working at the earthquake site.

Volvo's construction equipment has been facilitating the rescue work and is playing an important role in the post-quake reconstruction. Currently, several Volvo units, including EC290, EC210 and EC60 excavators, are working at the frontline of the Yushu earthquake rescue - and Lanzhou Tongguan has confirmed that more Volvo equipment will be sent to Yushu to help out.

Before the earthquake, few people had heard of Yushu. The epicenter is close to the Gyegu (Jiegu) town, where the government of the Yushu Province resides. Yushu is also the birthplace of the Yangtze River, Yellow River and the Lancang River (also known as the Mekong River) and the gorgeous plateau landscapes make the area a haven for amateur photographers.

There is still a long way to go before Yushu is restored to its original beauty. But the area is receiving great support from the rest of China and Lanzhou Tongguan has promised to do all it can to assist the national effort.

Tongguan Fleet Carrying Relief Goods


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