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#3 Paris New Revolution

The Grand Paris

Paris, France – Erasing borders

Going to work in Paris is a challenge. More than one million vehicles are stuck on the beltway every morning and the metro is just as overpopulated. Now massive change has started under the Parisians feet. Follow Spirit to Europe’s biggest construction project, over and under ground.

68 new stations and 200 kilometers of new metro lines. This is how Europe’s biggest construction project is about to change Paris.

Meeting a satisfied client makes his day. Vincent Blandin works as a Business Sales and Technical Controller for Volvo CE – and has been with the company for 14 years.

Boulevard Périphérique, literally forms a concrete circle around the city. Now, initiatives are taken to transform the grey ring into something green.

A new Paris is being born. And parts of the old city are taken down in the process. Where do the remains of an old city go? Follow the gravel.

A giant and ambitious project to be finished in 2035, will serve the Parisians with four brand new metro lines and more possibilities to travel between the city center and the suburbs.

Different kinds of transportation systems based on electricity and travelling together, not only on regular roads, are on their way in.

Name a machine problem and he can fix it. Meet Vincent Blandin, the machine doctor at Volvo CE in France.