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Excavator operator Gaziz Dusekenov

Constructing the New Silk Road

Constructing the New Silk Road

Constructing the New Silk Road

Excavator operator Gaziz Dusekenov in Kazakhstan has four children. His oldest son is an operator, while his second son is training to become one. Will the other two become operators as well? Only time can tell.

It is a sunny morning on the steppe in Kazakhstan. Operator Gaziz Dusekenov has just made the short ride from the camp where he is sleeping to the construction site up the hill. He has more than 30 years of experience working as an excavator operator, but today is his first day on a new job at CITIC Group.

“My family lives in Almaty and I had a job there. But that firm got financial problems so I started to look for another job. I am very excited I got the opportunity to work on this project,” he says.

Volvo excavator at construction site
Operator Gaziz Duisekenov has a career long love for excavators. “What can I say? I simply enjoy driving them”.

Here at the construction site up the hill, the view is amazing. Green hills surround the vast open steppe. The new road, which Gaziz will be working on, is winding through the landscape like an ocher-colored snake. The road is one of many projects within China’s majestic undertaking to create a New Silk Road. The project will connect the East to the West in new ways and the segment which Gaziz is working on will mean a great improvement for the people living along the route. Today the ride between Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, and the small town of Usharal is a time-consuming and daunting experience.

“I am proud to work on a project that will improve life for so many people. I actually think of that now when I stand here, that life at this beautiful place will be better in the future,” Gaziz says with one of his many happy smiles.

He has always liked machines. He started to work as an operator three decades ago while he still was living in the village where he grew up. He has operated many excavators and talks with great enthusiasm about what it is like to sit in the cab of the Volvo excavator he is operating today.
“Everything works so well. One can tell that is has been designed to really serve as a working place. The levers are exactly in the right place. It is comfortable and human, if you see what I mean?” says Gaziz.

Operator Gaziz Dusekenov sitting in Volvo excavator
Gaziz Duisekenov works away from home. He keeps in touch with his family via Whatsapp.

His enthusiasm over his career has clearly had an impact on his four children. His oldest son is working as an operator, while his second son is training to become one. And what about his third and fourth child?

“My third child is a school girl. We will see which career she chooses when that time come. My youngest son is still a small child,” Gaziz concludes and starts up the excavator for today’s work.

Constructing the New Silk Road

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