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Infinite placement possibilities

Achieve infinite pipe placement possibilities with the 360° swing capacity and stability up to a 35° slope.

Volvo pipelayer PL3005E

Infinite placement possibilities

Do everything traditional side-booms can, and so much more with the E-series Volvo pipelayers. As well as lowering in, you can take advantage of infinite placement possibilities utilizing the unique 360° swing capacity, coupled with the stability to work safely up to a 35° slope. The class-leading excavator-based design enables superior capacities, and maximum return on investment thanks to its versatility to take on many jobs.

Best for productivity and stability

Handle large, heavy pipes with ease with the highly productive E-series Volvo pipelayers. Offering superior capacities coupled with a unique design, they are the most stable and safe pipelayers in their class for working on slopes.

Volvo pipelayer PL3005E

Cost-effective maintenance

Maximize uptime with regular cleaning and servicing of the remote filters, which are easily accessed separately from the engine and radiator. Keep costs down by avoiding unscheduled downtime and ensuring detailed monitoring of your machine with CareTrack. Remotely receive reports on the machine location, usage, productivity, fuel consumption and more.

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