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Heavy duty bucket HDX - Aggressive cut

The reinforced heavy-duty bucket is designed for digging and excavating in abrasive materials. This bucket can also be used for trenching or moving materials when a high load capacity is required. Features include Extended side and bottom wear protection, Volvo heavy-duty, high abrasion tooth system fitted as standard (AMRE/ARXE) and reinforced upper bucket structure.


Sales code Interface Interface name Capacity Cutting width Weight Wear parts (type) Wear parts (nr) Side cutting edge description (type) Attachment type
8295532 S type S1 1.1 m³ 1170 mm 1059 kg 40ARXE 4 - Bucket
8295533 Symmetrical type S70 1.1 m³ 1170 mm 1090 kg 40ARXE 4 - Bucket
8295534 S type S1 1.2 m³ 1250 mm 1105 kg 40ARXE 4 - Bucket
8295535 Symmetrical type S70 1.2 m³ 1250 mm 1136 kg 40ARXE 4 - Bucket
8295536 S type S1 1.3 m³ 1330 mm 1151 kg 40ARXE 4 - Bucket
8295537 Symmetrical type S70 1.3 m³ 1330 mm 1183 kg 40ARXE 4 - Bucket
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