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General purpose bucket GPX - Aggressive cut

This bucket is intended for digging and moving loose material such as sand, clay, dirt and gravel. Features include Side and bottom wear protection and Volvo general purpose tooth system fitted as standard (GPE).


Sales code Interface Interface name Capacity Cutting width Weight Wear parts (type) Wear parts (nr) Side cutting edge description (type) Attachment type
8295527 S type S1 1.1 m³ 1170 mm 946 kg 30GPE 4 - Bucket
8295528 Symmetrical type S70 1.1 m³ 1170 mm 969 kg 30GPE 4 - Bucket
8295529 S type S1 1.2 m³ 1250 mm 990 kg 30GPE 4 - Bucket
8295530 Symmetrical type S70 1.2 m³ 1250 mm 1013 kg 30GPE 4 - Bucket
8295531 S type S1 1.3 m³ 1330 mm 1039 kg 30GPE 4 - Bucket
8295573 Symmetrical type S70 1.3 m³ 1330 mm 1072 kg 30GPE 4 - Bucket
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