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General purpose bucket

The best choice for all-round efficiency, the General Purpose bucket is suitable for handling and stockpiling already-processed material, in both short cycle and load and carry operations. The bucket features optimized breakout force and dumping height. Further enhance the versatility of your machine with the lifting hook, complete with bucket reinforcements to manage the additional load.


Sales code Interface Type of wear parts / Fitting Type Capacity heaped (no wear parts) Capacity heaped (with wear parts) Width Weight Attachment type
CL11391033 Z-type Welded 1.4 m³ 1.6 m³ 2000 mm 428 kg Bucket
CL11391097 Z-type Welded 1 m³ 1.2 m³ 1900 mm 352 kg Bucket
CL11391098 Z-type Welded 1.1 m³ 1.3 m³ 1900 mm 377 kg Bucket
CL11391113 Z-type Welded 1 m³ 1.2 m³ 2000 mm 355 kg Bucket
CL11391114 Z-type Welded 1.05 m³ 1.25 m³ 2000 mm 364.5 kg Bucket
CL11391115 Z-type Welded 1.2 m³ 1.4 m³ 2000 mm 350 kg Bucket
CL11391122 Z-type Welded 1.2 m³ 1.4 m³ 2100 mm 387 kg Bucket
CL11392166 Skid steer attachment bracket Bolted 0.9 m³ 1.1 m³ 1900 mm 351 kg Bucket
CL54584473 Z-type Bolted 1.2 m³ 2100 mm 410 kg Bucket with Lifting Hook
CL54589853 Z-type Bolted 1 m³ 1900 mm 360 kg Bucket with Lifting Hook
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