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Volvo extends material handlers’ range and reach

Aimed at the waste handling segment, Volvo CE launches the all-new EW200E Material Handler. Its bigger brother – the EW240E Materials Handler – is updated with a new longer straight boom.

Volvo EW200E Material Handler
Designed and manufactured in the company’s factory in Germany, the material handlers from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) promise maximum reliability, flexibility and productivity in waste and recycling applications. The new EW200E Materials Handler weighs 22.6 tons and is powered by a Stage V Volvo engine – which provides 129 kW (173 hp). This machine has a 5.5 or 6.25 meters straight boom and 4 meters gooseneck arm and a forward reach of 9.3 or 10.0 meters.
Volvo CE is also extending the reach of its existing EW240E Material Handler – intended for use in the recycling segment – introducing a new 7.25 meters straight boom, which brings the reach – when combined with the existing 5 meters long gooseneck arm – to a stretching 12 meters.

Purpose-built for waste handling

Built on decades of engineering excellence, the EW200E Material Handler is purpose-built for waste handling applications. Thanks to proven components shared with the EW240E Material Handler and other existing Volvo wheeled excavators, Volvo spent time perfecting the new machine to meet specific waste handling job requirements. While the smaller size-class material handler is based on the established design of its big brother, it also features a host of new features which have undergone rigorous testing in real-life conditions.

Volvo EW200E Material Handler
Designed to keep productivity and efficiency high, the EW200E Material Handler is equipped with a specially adapted hydraulic system. Other modifications – when compared to a standard excavator – include the hydraulically elevated cab, four stabilizers as option (front blade and rear outrigger as standard), full rubber tires and tailor-made straight boom that can be fitted with either a 4 meters gooseneck arm or a 3.5 meters sorting arm. Volvo material handlers can be ordered from the factory without the steering column – allowing the operator to control the entire machine using only the joysticks.
Factory-installed auxiliary circuits enable the sorting grabs and orange peel grapples to work in perfect harmony with the Volvo machines. These attachments are available through the Volvo distribution network – for both material handlers.

Volvo EW200E Material Handler
The boom float function and boom cylinder dampening enhance performance by minimizing vibration and holding the grapple in place for increased stability. To improve accuracy, the graspple control and soft swing system work together during simultaneous operations, while the optimized hydraulic system delivers instant response.

Social distance – in comfort!

Operators can work in comfort in the spacious Volvo cab, which can rise up to five meters above the ground, for a commanding bird’s-eye view. The cab also benefits from double-damped cab mounts to reduce noise and vibration, keeping operations steady when working at height. The joystick control concept pioneered on the EW240E Material Handler now allows outriggers, blade and cab-raising functions to be completed without removing your hands from the joysticks. Both material handlers are equipped with an adjustable arm-in limitation feature, designed to prevent collision between the cab and the grapple. The height limitation function provides further safety when working indoors. Moreover, getting in and out of the cab is now easier for the operator, thanks to brightly coloured handrails and added steps on the outriggers.

Volvo EW200E Material Handler
Not only can the EW200E Material Handler be tailored to the job at hand, it can be customized with several options to best suit the customers’ operational needs. With large expanses of glass, the Volvo cab offers all-round visibility. To boost safety further, customers can select the Volvo Smart View feature or a one-piece polycarbonate window. For added convenience, Comfort Drive Control (CDC) gives the operator the opportunity to steer the machine up to 19km/h using only the roller on the joystick. All these features are already available on the existing EW240E Material handler. 

E is for efficiency

As the frontrunner, the EW200E Material Handler is both clever and fuel efficient in the way it operates. Auto-idle, which reduces engine speed to idle when the controls are inactive for a pre-set amount of time, and auto engine shutdown, together help to reduce fuel consumption. Enhanced by ECO mode, which turns on automatically, the EW200E Material Handler is packed with features that increase fuel efficiency and reduce machine wear. 
To stay up and running, the EW200E Material Handler is designed for easy service. Greasing points are grouped together and filters are placed behind wide-opening engine doors accessible from ground level on all E-Series wheeled excavators. Maintenance is made easy with improved access to areas such as the pump compartment, and an optional waste package includes protective screens and a reversible fan to keep the cooling system clean.
As with all Volvo CE machines, customers have access to a range of Volvo Services – designed to secure maximum return on investment. From attachments and parts, to service technicians and machine monitoring – everything is available from one place.

Volvo Material Handler EW200E MH

Key specifications:

Engine -> EPA Tier 4 final/ EU Stage V  Volvo D6J
Operating weight
Straight boom 5,5m with 3,5m sorting arm , FOPS
Solideal Twin Tyres 10.00-20, outriggers front & rear
Kinshofer S60 D20 H P 100 (450l/1135kg)
kg 22,850
Operating weight
Straight boom, 5,5 with 4 m goose neck arm, FOPS
Solideal twin tyres 10.00-20, Blade Front & Outriggers Rear
Kinshofer OP-GR P22V-450-5-W (450l/1046kg)
kg 22,100
 Gross power kW 129 engine speed
r/min 1 800
Max. reach m 9,3 - 10,0
Max speed km/h 19 or 20


Gooseneck arm

Straight boom (m) Gooseneck arm (m) Reach (m)
5.50 4 9.3
6,25 4
6,50 5 11,2
7,25 5 12


Sorting arm

Straight boom (m) Sorting arm (m) Reach (m)
5,50 3.5 9


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