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Compact and agile Volvo P2820D ABG and P2870D ABG pavers run rings around competition

Made for the city, the P2820D ABG and P2870D ABG are the most compact pavers in the Volvo line-up. The perfect partners for small-to-medium paving applications, they offer low operating cost, safety and operator comfort.

Volvo Tracked and Wheeled Pavers

If you have a need for a compact paver in the 1.5-4.5m range, then Volvo has not just one option for you – but two. The P2870D ABG is an all-new wheeled paver, while the P2820D ABG is the latest generation tracked machine – and both help Volvo strengthen and widen its paving range even further. Equipped with features usually only found on larger pavers, these machines promise paving quality and improvements in safety, efficiency and operator comfort.

Designed for versatility

Not unlike the rest of Volvo’s paver range, the P2820D ABG and P2870D ABG generate low levels of noise, making them suited to inner-city projects, such as cycle tracks, parking lots and pedestrian areas. Highly efficient, the new machines also promise low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. With their 55kW Volvo engines and perfectly matched hydraulics, the compact pavers feature the same best-in-class drive system fitted to larger models.

Thanks to their compact design, the P2820D ABG and P2870D ABG make a very flexible solution. Strong enough to push a feed truck, they can also be easily fed by other machinery, such as wheel loader or excavator. Customers can choose between the more common dual conveyor or Volvo’s single conveyor – the latter a feature that is unique to Volvo in this size-class and results in higher output per hour. Specific to the P2870D ABG, this paver offers a tight (2 m) turning radius thanks to the inclusion of power steering.

Volvo Tracked and Wheeled Pavers

Adding to their versatility are a host of optional configurations that make it possible for both the wheeled and tracked models to take on a broader range of jobs. These include individually operated hopper wings, enabling to pave closer to obstacles, and an electro-hydraulic foldable roof that helps these pavers sneak in when there is minimal height clearance.

As if that wasn’t convenient enough, the P2820D ABG and P2870D ABG are small enough that they can be transported along with a compactor on the same transport vehicle.

Comfortably in control

With a workstation in common with larger Volvo ABG pavers, these are machines that operators will instantly feel at home in. To ensure maximum machine control, Volvo’s Electronic Paver Management (EPM3) system gives operators easy access to the full range of working functions. With its convenient layout and jog-wheel, the EPM3 system can simplify even the toughest small-to-medium paving applications. Integrated within EPM3 is the Settings Manager, which can save and recall customized parameters from previous projects. This means faster, higher quality paving, whatever the application.

Volvo Tracked and Wheeled Pavers

Designed to keep operators comfortable and productive, the fully customizable workstation enables to switch between sitting and standing in a matter of seconds. The control panel, together with its easy-to-use controls, can be slid from one side of the paver to the other as a complete unit. It can also be tilted 30-degrees in all directions. Providing protection from the elements is the all-weather roof, which comes with sliding extensions that cover the operator – even when the seat is extended. Additionally, there is also the option to add a glazed area to both sides of the operator platform, which helps to provide further wind protection. To prevent theft of goods, there are new storage areas located under the roof and at screed level – and adding to the convenience even further, everything is lockable by the ignition key.

Volvo Tracked and Wheeled Pavers

The wheel deal (P2870D ABG)

Volvo machines are characterized by their quality and engineering excellence – and the P2870D ABG is no exception. Capable of traveling at speeds of up to 16km/h, the compact paver offers unrivalled comfort during and between jobs, thanks to the 6x4 wheel drive undercarriage and machine ride levelers, which are unique in this class.

The ‘Rear Frame Lift’ is a new feature unique to Volvo pavers. It allows the rear wheels to be lifted from the ground by pushing down on the screed. This is particularly beneficial if the wheels are stuck in soft ground and need to be released or if wheel repairs need to be performed quickly.

The flexible machines are made to suit a variety of applications.On the right track (P2820D ABG)

Building on the success of the previous generation, the P2820D ABG paver features a range of undercarriage improvements, including a 150 mm increase in length for better balance and traction, as well as durable track scrapers for a smoother surface finish. For increased uptime and lower operating costs, the undercarriage includes an auto-track tensioner – a feature unique to Volvo in this class – while bolts have been conveniently located inside the tracks, for quicker, easier track pads changes.

The P2820D ABG paver features a range of undercarriage improvements.Screed efficiency

The P2820D ABG comes fitted with a variomatic VB30 tamping and vibrating screed, which feature the robust screed guide system and hydraulic screed crown. It can extend to double the basic width (1.5 m to 3.0 m). Screed extensions can be fitted to increase the paving width even further, up to a maximum of 4.0 m. Complete with the new VB40 screed, the P2870D ABG can ensure exceptional quality paving at even larger widths of up to 4.5 m. The screed comes with two possible extensions: 525mm and 275mm, with the latter allowing machine transportation without disassembling extensions and end-gates.

VB30 and VB40 screeds both heat up to 3°C per minute and feature mechanical or hydraulic screed crown and zero-daily maintenance, with lifetime lubricated tamper and vibration bearings. The VB40 screed is also fitted with a tiltable walkway.

To make paving even easier, hydraulically-controlled end-gates come as an optional extra, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and ensuring operators are kept away from traffic. Featuring a slim design, they also help to reduce the time required to achieve a clean side finish. The newly designed screed console can be rotated in any direction, allowing the operator to easily position it according to the requirements of the jobsite and their personal preferences. The layout of the buttons has been optimized too, meaning more convenience and comfort than ever before.

Maximum uptime

For faster routine maintenance and minimal downtime with the P2820D ABG and P2870D ABG pavers alike, there are drain hoses for fluids, easy battery access with an external panel for jump starting and just three lubricating points. The conveyor also has lifetime lubricated, maintenance-free bearings.

The after-treatment system consists of only a Diesel Particulate Filter. This means there are no SCR and Adblue requirements, and therefore no need to replace diesel exhaust fluid or carry out SCR maintenance. As a result, uptime is maximized and machine running costs minimized.

With CareTrack – Volvo’s machine monitoring system – it is possible to access the full portfolio of telematics reports. This encompasses things such as productivity, machine health and fuel efficiency. Working independently or with the support of a Volvo dealer, customers can use CareTrack data to minimize the risk of unplanned downtime and ensure their P2820D ABG and P2870D ABG pavers are performing at their best.

Key specifications:

T5 / Stage 5



P2820D ABG

P2870D ABG


Engine type



Engine power







At engine speed


2 200


Engine emission

EU Stage V


Basic width









Maximum paving width







Paving output




Sh t/h



Maximum layer thickness






Hopper capacity





Tractor weight


7 950

7 230

7 950

7 230






*The actual paving output depends upon mat thickness, paving width and paving speed, and will vary according to conditions prevailing on your jobsite. We can assist you in calculating the paving output for a specific project.

**Approximate weight, without options. Diesel tank half-full, 75 kg operator, standard hopper and weather roof included.

***When using extensions the maximum allowable gradeability will be reduced.