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5 reasons why subscribing to Volvo Active Care is the best decision for your machine

Where maintaining high performance levels on job sites is crucial, Volvo ACTIVE CARE is key. Here we explore the top benefits for installing Volvo’s latest proactive monitoring service in your fleet.


Volvo ACTIVE CARE – a machine monitoring service partnered with Volvo’s unique CareTrack telematics system – takes the hassle out of fleet management. Staff at the Volvo Uptime Center filter, sort and prioritise machine alarm codes to cut through data noise and notify dealers to take preventative action. Besides preventing machine breakdowns, this innovative Volvo service provides a variety of other benefits to the customer.

1. Prevent unscheduled downtime

Businesses stand still when unplanned downtime occurs, ultimately resulting in unnecessary expense and ineffective job completion. Volvo ACTIVE CARE acts as a pair of eyes on the field, relaying machine information back to Volvo machine specialists at the Volvo Uptime Center so errors can be detected early to avoid breakdowns. 

2. Save money on costs

Unscheduled downtime equates to costly repairs and operational expenses. Volvo ACTIVE CARE advises on minor fault codes to improve scheduled preventative maintenance, instead of the customer risking unplanned downtime.

3. Improve productivity

Thanks to Volvo ACTIVE CARE’s integrated telematics, Volvo experts can get a better understanding of machine functions like fuel consumption, idling, error frequency, and operator behaviour. By observing these functions and the way they operate, customers can make changes to improve uptime, which in turn improves productivity and profitability.

4. Gain insight on trends

Volvo experts use state of the art diagnostics software, with thousands of combined data points, to gain insight into machine error codes and alarms. Over the course of three to four weeks, data specialists then compile this information into comprehensive machine reports for dealers to relay to customers. Monitoring machine trends means customers can take preemptive action to keep their fleet in top condition.

5. Enjoy peace of mind

Product support specialists from across EMEA remotely monitor machines out on the field to highlight errors before they become damaging. They then proactively reach out to Volvo dealers, who get in touch with customers with valuable information to improve productivity. Dealers in EMEA are interfaced, so customers themselves don’t need to worry about the number crunching.

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