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ACD Push Boundaries

With ActiveCare Direct

5 Ways to Push Boundaries

ActiveCare DirectTM is the 24/7/365 telematics solution offered directly from Volvo. At the Volvo Uptime Center, thousands of data points from machines are delivered and sorted through using a proprietary system which removes all the guesswork for customers. As telematics solutions become more common, it may be a challenge to see how any program differs from the next. Here are five ways to push boundaries with ActiveCare Direct:

1. There is no need to analyze telematics data. Most telematics solutions offer mountains of telematics data each month, leaving many wondering where to begin and what’s important. ActiveCare Direct data is sorted for you and bundled into a monthly fleet utilization report, meaning you see only what’s important.

2. Receive alerts only when action is needed. Along with the convenience of monthly reports that reduce hours of work, Volvo sends alerts to you and your dealer only when an action is required. Instead of receiving every machine alert and having the overwhelming task of determining on your own what needs to be done and when, ActiveCare Direct does it for you — no guessing necessary.

3. Manage fleets proactively. Many other managed-telematics services rely on human oversight without any filtering. However, the Volvo Uptime Center automatically sends alerts when a high priority fault code is triggered, creating no lag in alert time and no potential for human error when a machine needs attention. That means you can be more proactive in getting machines serviced before they go down. And because there’s less noise, you know it’s important when your dealer or Volvo contact you.

4. Get all fleet information in one place. Have machines in multiple dealer territories? No worries. All your information can be packaged in one report and delivered directly from Volvo.

5. Dealers don’t need to stretch resources. While other managed telematics services require dealer oversight of the abundant alerts, Volvo does the heavy lifting by managing the alerts and reports. This ensures your fleet is taken care of and your dealer has time to take care of what’s important: you.

Learn more about ActiveCare Direct at or contact your local dealer.