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Electric Machines Management Application

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Ensure your electric machines are ready for action

Electric Machines Management Application

Stay ahead of charging requirements and ensure your Volvo electric machine is ready for action with our Electric Machines Management Application. A web application which gives you real-time insight into a single or entire fleet of electric machines, including battery status and geographic location. Simply use the application from any internet-connected device to access valuable information – helping you manage the charging process more efficiently and maximize machine uptime.

Charging status

Ensure you have got the power needed to get the job done. A customizable alert notifies you when battery charge has reached the set level, specified by you.

Battery level

Keep track of the remaining battery level and estimated working hours. This information helps you make informed work planning decisions based on machine availability before charging is next required. A charge reminder can also be set to notify you when battery charge has dropped below a level predefined by you.

Machine location

Visualize the geographic location, battery level and charging status of your Volvo electric machines at a glance.


For an overview of what to expect before signing up, check out our demo video.

Get started

Got a Volvo electric machine but haven’t tried the Electric Machines Management Application yet? Simply contact your dealer who will register you.

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