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Volvo Pipelayers

Highly versatile machines

Volvo gives oil and gas pipeline contractors a new lift with a revolutionary line of excavator-based pipelayers. From pipe yard to trench, Volvo pipelayers deliver a competitive edge in even the most demanding conditions - not only in the oil and gas industry. Key innovations for the range of Volvo pipelayers include a 360° swing capability from an excavator-based design, delivering greater maneuverability and infinite pipe placement possibilities. These machines also offer enhanced versatility, with the option of being conveniently converted from a pipelayer to an excavator.

Values in Imperial Change


  • 129,191 lbs
  • 381 hp
  • 242,508 lbs


  • 77,228 lbs
  • 241 hp
  • 121,000 lbs
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Volvo PL4809E Tier 4 rotating pipelayer pushes performance to new limits

The new PL4809E rotating pipelayer from Volvo Construction Equipment delivers superior performance capabilities, thanks to its excavator-based design, safety-enhancing features, advanced Load Management System and CareTrack® telematics.