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Tire pressure monitoring system

The right amount of pressure

Tire pressure monitoring system

The Volvo Co-Pilot monitor will display real-time information on tire pressure and temperature. This gives the operator an instant and safe indication that tires are operating within the correct parameters. If a tire is not at the correct pressure, operators will receive an alert and visual display of which tire needs attention.

Less fuel, less wear

Under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption and are more prone to wear and damage. The tire pressure monitoring system can increase tire lifetime and improve fuel efficiency by providing an alert if tires are not at optimal pressure.


What is monitored

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System will measure and report on three criteria in real-time: low pressure, high pressure and high temperature.

A clear indication

Clear visual alerts keep the operator informed of tire condition. A blue message will let the operator know there are inconsistencies in pressure or temperature and that a tire(s) should be kept under observation. An amber message indicates those inconsistencies have worsened and it is time to take action.

Easy to use

Each tire is monitored independently and pressure limits are set per axle. Alarm limits are displayed as nominal values and percentages.

Insight and analysis

Data can be accessed via CareTrack, allowing you to review and analyze historical tire trends.

Specifications for tire pressure monitoring app

Machine availability Volvo L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L220H, L260H, L350H

Pressure range 33 to 1296Kpa

Accuracy ±14 kPa

Operating frequency 434.10 MHz

Operating temperature range -40oC to +125oC

Storage temperature range -50oC to +125oC

Battery Internal, non-rechargeable, non-replaceable

Dimensions Width 2.95cm x Height 3.30cm

Tire fill Liquid or air

Pressure readings Sensors take pressure and temperature readings every 16 seconds
Exterior signal transceiver
Exterior signal transceiver  

Modulation mode FSK

Accuracy ±14 kPa

Operating frequency 434.10 MHz

Input voltage range 12/24VDC

Dimensions Width 12.38cm x Height 17.78cm
 Units of measure Pressure: kPa, bar, psi. Temperature: oC and oF
Data transfered via Cloud service N/A
Data transferred via USB N/A
Data transfered via CareTrack Matris data can be accessed through CareTrack
Notifications Alerts for incorrect inflation and high tire temperature


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