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Advanced cab

The Volvo Care Cab offers excellent, all-round visibility with a very large, glazed surface area on all sides, high-volume climate control and adjustable steering column.

Volvo compact excavator EW60C T4 F

Advanced cab

Convenient operating space with cutting edge functions: the joy of comfortable and convenient work begins with Volvo’s advanced work system.

Volvo compact excavator EW60C T3

Visibility for safety at work

The Volvo cab’s design focuses on the operator, providing ideal, all-round, visibility for safe operation in any working conditions.

Volvo compact excavator EW60C T3

Pleasant interior air circulation system

8 vents circulate air for fast cooling and heating, maintaining the ideal temperature and optimum air circulation.

Volvo compact excavator EW60C T3

De-luxe suspension seat

De-luxe suspension seat can be adjusted to suit any operator,making it possible to work stress free over long periods.

Volvo compact excavator EW60C T3

Improved cab environment

The refined design of the cab incorporates many convenient functions, making work a pleasure.

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