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Volvo cab

The industry-leading cab offers a spacious and comfortable environment with enhanced visibility for reduced fatigue and increased productivity.

volvo excavator ec80dpro t3

Optimize productivity

At Volvo we understand that when operators are comfortable they experience less fatigue and work more productively. That’s why we’ve built an industry-leading, spacious operator environment with excellent all-around visibility. Operators will feel in control and perform efficiently all day long in this superior working environment. Witness the benefits for yourself and experience new levels of profitability.


Volvo recommends an optional Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) certified cab when working in challenging applications. This provides increased operator safety in the unlikely event of machine roll over.

Volvo Compact Excavator

I-ECU monitor

The large monitor clearly presents machine information and puts the operator in control, enabling high performance and efficiency. The operator and service technician can make quick visual and diagnostic checks, increasing uptime and productivity.

Travel alarm

For added safety a buzzer sounds to warn bystanders when the machine moves in any direction.

Volvo Compact Excavator

RPM control

An electrical rpm control system allows the operator to precisely adjust and optimize engine rpm in any application. By using the rpm settings, fuel efficiency and machine performance are maximized. There are nine rpm settings as well as the P (Power) max mode.

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