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Digging power

The enhanced hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the engine to deliver high digging force.

volvo excavator ec80dpro t3

More performance, less fuel

Volvo prides itself on producing machines that give you more power while using less fuel. The EC80DPRO’s enhanced hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the engine – delivering high performance and reduced fuel consumption. Features including industry-leading lift capacity and high digging power give you the most efficient operation possible – saving you time and money. The EC80DPRO is in a league of its own.

Lifting capacity

Superior tractive force enables the machine to climb gradients with ease and travel over rough terrain. If an optional dozer blade is selected, tractive force will also aid backfilling and landscaping.

Tractive force

The balance between the torque and swing speed permits fast and precise placement of the attachment – even when working on a slope.

Swing performance

The EC80DPRO features industry-leading lifting capacity which, combined with strong hydraulic performance and stability, delivers exceptional lift and handling capabilities.

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