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The right concept

Volvo CE's concept vehicles

A better tomorrow

At Volvo CE, we discuss the difficulties of today to help understand what we need to do for the customers of tomorrow, and for society as a whole.

Articulated hauler

The Centaur concept

A two-part design, a hybrid drivetrain and plenty of visionary electronic features. The Centaur rewrites the rules for articulated haulers.

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Asphalt paver/compactor

The Fenix concept

This combined asphalt paver and compactor is based on the ingenious POD system, and paves the way to the future of road works.

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Wheel loader

The Gryphin concept

Almost no exhausts, noise or vibrations. And with an innovative suspension system. Gryphin is how we envision a future wheel loader.

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The SfinX concept

Light-weight yet powerful. The SfinX excavator is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, controlled by electrics and comes with a radical design.

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Compact excavator

The GaiaX concept

Zero emissions and truly user-centric design. It can even be operated remotely from a tablet. GaiaX is a compact excavator like no other. 

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