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about Volvo CE

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is a leading construction equipment manufacturer in the world. Part of Volvo Group, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Volvo CE is a total solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of products and aftermarket services.

With a heritage that spans over 180 years, Volvo CE has grown to have operations in more than 150 countries. Based on a founding principle of manufacturing close to the customer, it now has manufacturing bases in Sweden, Germany, France, the U.S., Brazil, South Korea, China, India and Russia. The company manufactures excavators, wheel loaders, articulated haulers, compactors, pavers and for a wide range of customer applications. These include municipal construction, energy exploitation, forestry development and environmental protection engineering and other industrial applications. With a strong focus on meeting customers’ needs, Volvo CE also provides tailored customer solutions, such as financing services.

Quality, safety and environmental care are the company’s core values which are shared with the Volvo Group. To this end, Volvo CE has invested heavily in research and development to innovate in both products and processes, establishing a strong reputation for product quality and safety, competitive pricing, and responsive after-sales service. Volvo CE has a holistic approach to environmental care addressing continuous improvements within the total enterprise. Our focus is always on improving the global footprint, mainly on greenhouse gas emissions and use of materials.

Key Global Milestones

  • 1995: Volvo CE became an exclusively owned subsidiary of Volvo Group. In the same year, the company also purchased the French Pel-Job Group, Europe’s first supplier of compact excavators.
  • 1998: Volvo CE became the first foreign company ever to invest in Korea, acquiring the surfacing machine division of Samsung Heavy Industries, strengthening its product offerings and presence in Asia.
  • 2002: Volvo CE entered China, establishing its country headquarters in Shanghai.
  • 2007: Volvo CE acquired globally the road development division of Ingersoll Rand, further enhancing its product line, and expanding its customer base and distribution network. In addition, Volvo CE launched the world’s first full-suspension articulated hauler.
  • 2010: Volvo CE’s telematics system CareTrack became standard fit on most machines, increasing security, productivity and availability through the use of operation reports, service reminders and error alerts.
  • 2011: Volvo CE won Red Dot design award for its L220G wheel loader, the first in the industry to do such.
  • 2012: Volvo CE, together with its joint venture partner SDLG became the first construction equipment company in the industry to sign an agreement with the WWF Climate Savers. In the same year, Volvo won the Red Dot award again, this time the ‘best of the best’, an even higher accolade for its A40F articulated hauler. The company also won Gold at the Intermat Innovation awards for its On Board Weighing system for its F-Series, full suspension, haulers.
  • 2014: Volvo CE achieved a hat-trick in the Red Dot design award. Three Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) products – the EC380E tracked excavator, the Volvo Visibility Vest and the BP30L Identity Backpack – won three prestigious Red Dot product design awards. In the same year, Volvo CE launched the Construction Climate Challenge program to deal with environmental issues.
  • 2014: Volvo CE completed the acquisition of Terex’s hauler business. The purchase deal includes the main production facility in Motherwell, Scotland and two product ranges that offer both rigid and articulated haulers. It also includes the distribution of haulers in the U.S. as well as a 25.2% holding in Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co. (NHL), which manufactures and sells rigid haulers under the Terex brand in China.
  • 2015: Volvo Group renewed its partnership with WWF and promoted a series of measures to reach a new target in reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. With the goal of protecting the planet's natural environment, Volvo CE will play its role in the Volvo Group’s commitment to reducing carbon-dioxide emissions by at least 40 million tons in the next five years. Prior to that, Volvo CE also launched the Construction Climate Challenge program in 2014, to call for co-operation throughout the CE industry value chain to deal with the environmental issues.

Main Products and Services 

Volvo CE manufactures more than 100 models of construction machinery products that are widely applied in construction, forestry, port, mine, road, bridge and tunneling projects. Its product line includes articulated haulers, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, compact equipment, compactors and pavers.

Volvo articulated haulers: The Volvo articulated hauler was the first of its kind in the world at the time of its inception in the 1960s. Since that time the machine has continued to be well-received globally. The Volvo articulated hauler is characterized by robust engine horsepower and high torque, excellent maintainability, unbeatable downgrade and braking performance, the industry’s best 3-point suspension system, and advanced technology. The Volvo A40F hauler won the Red Dot ‘best of the best’ international design award for design excellence in 2012.

Volvo wheel loaders: Volvo wheel loaders are equipped with a unique lifting system, fully automatic transmission, boom suspension system, load-sensing hydraulic system, main component computer monitoring system, and the widely praised Care Cab, setting a completely new global industry standard. The L220G wheel loader won the Red Dot design award in 2011, a mark of industry-leading design quality.

Volvo hydraulic excavators: Volvo hydraulic excavators feature solid, reliable, robust horsepower; high productivity; outstanding performance; a comfortable cab; and great working efficiency.
Volvo compact equipment: Volvo compact equipment is small in size but large in function. The EC55BPRO, which is popular in the Chinese market, is designed for efficient operation in the toughest places while still offering a comfortable environment. The machine is equipped with a high-power but low-noise engine and hydraulic system with smoothness and precision.

Volvo road machinery: Volvo CE purchased the road machinery division of Ingersoll Rand in 2007; since then, the road machinery of Ingersoll Rand has become part of Volvo’s product line. Inheriting industry-leading technology over the years, Ingersoll Rand’s single drum/double drum compactors and paver series meet all the various road construction requirements. Their comfortable operating systems, outstanding performance and high efficiency have gained global recognition.

Volvo parts and services: Volvo CE offers complete services and solutions to customers, including a professional customer support team, timely parts supply, after-sales services and training on operation and maintenance. Volvo Construction Equipment (China) Co., Ltd. has set up a training center and parts warehouse in Shanghai. Volvo and its dealers’ technicians are dedicated to providing the best parts support and technical services to all customers.

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Volvo has the right solution for you. So why not let us provide all your needs throughout the whole life cycle of your machine? By listening to your requirements, we can reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your revenue.

Being a Volvo customer means having a complete set of services at your fingertips. Volvo can offer you a long-term partnership, protect your revenue and provide a full range of customer solutions using high quality parts, delivered by passionate people. Volvo is committed to the positive return of your investment.


Innovation is at the core of Volvo Construction Equipment. It's our company mindset and our way of working. With over 180 years of construction and innovation expertise, Volvo CE is at the forefront of technological development. For us, the latest technology is not just nice to have, it’s essential to stay competitive and secure long-term profitable growth.

Core values

Quality, safety, environmental care

Quality, safety and environmental care are the core values that permeate our organization, our products and our way of working.

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Our history

A partner to trust

Since its inception in 1832, Volvo CE has grown from a local workshop to one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction equipment.

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The Master Builder

Volvo Construction Equipment's Corporate History Film, a video about Volvo CE's illustrious history. Winner of a silver dolphin trophy at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.

Volvo CE production facilities

Truly global

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Volvo Construction Equipment has production facilities all over the world - in Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, India, China and Korea. Our many facilities around the globe produce a comprehensive range of wheel loaders, excavators, articulated haulers, soil and asphalt compactors, pavers, compact equipment and material handling equipment.

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Volvo Construction Equipment's dealers are the mainstay of our business and an important bridge between the company and the customers who buy and operate our machines. No matter how big or how small, Volvo CE dealerships are there to provide our customers with advice and support throughout, from the process of choosing and purchasing the right machine for their needs to making sure it receives the service and care required for the duration of its working life.