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Load Assist

Goodbye to guess-work
On-Board Weighing

Save time and money with On-Board Weighing, a factory-fit system that can achieve +/- 1% accuracy, ensuring your machine shifts the optimal load. With real-time insights into the bucket’s load, you can eliminate over-loading, under-loading, reweighing and waiting times.

Lifting the pace

Keep it moving with On-Board Weighing, a dynamic system that allows you to measure bucket load on-the go, eliminating any disruption in the workflow. Simply use Volvo Co-Pilot, the best touchscreen on the market, to monitor loading progress, track materials and trucks, and change work orders in seconds.

Monitor your productivity

Whether you’re behind the wheel or behind a desk, gain access to machine information, whenever you need it. The data can be printed, exported and stored in the Cloud or via USB, enabling you to analyze machine usage and productivity. Fully integrated to the machine, the system feeds CareTrack® – combining productivity data and fuel data into a single report.

Operate safely

Increase jobsite safety with customizable alert that informs you, should load limits be exceeded. Get a full view of your surroundings when reversing thanks to the rear-view camera, which, if fitted, automatically combines the rear-view and the load information into a single screen. For your safety, some functions are disabled when speed exceeds 10km/h.

Loaded with benefits

Get set and go in seconds

Set up work orders with just a few touches; select customer name and target tonnage – in seconds!

High-resolution 10’’ touchscreen

Stay informed of the status of loading activities. A simple layout and large font, visible in even bright light, illustrates the current, delivered, and to-be-delivered bucket tonnage.

Ready, set, load

Get it right the first time with accurate tonnage measurements within +/- 1% in every bucket.

When site conditions or customer needs make it impossible to lock the load within this margin, simply switch to within an accuracy of +/- 2%.

Lighten your load

A guided calibration process, colored bars that indicate load activity progress, and icons that offer insight into why the weight is not locked properly facilitate the loading process.

Work the way you like

Choose from two working modes: Project mode to control the total load of multiple trucks, and Trip mode, ideal for loading single trucks, crushers or other stationary equipment.

Made to adapt

The system is optimized for bucket operation – including High tip buckets and Side dump buckets – and is also compatible with forks and grapples.

Partial unloading capability

Managing the last bucket of the trip is easy with tip off capability, offering a real-time view of the remaining load in the bucket. Select from two modes: one for unloading on a pile and the other for unloading on a truck.

Store more

Large memory of the unit makes it possible to store a near-limitless quantity of attachments, work orders, targets, materials and customers information.

SIM-card connectivity

When equipped with a SIM-card, the system can share machine data to the Cloud and wirelessly receive software updates.

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