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volvo attachment mini excavator

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A wide range of buckets to be used in a large variety of soil conditions and for all trenching, handling jobs.

volvo attachment mini excavator

General Purpose bucket - Universal cut

General purpose buckets are designed to be used in a large variety of ground conditions for all digging jobs. Handles materials such as soil, clay, sand and dirt, as well as tougher grounds with gravel and stones. They have a reinforced cutting edge and welded wear strips to conquer hard, dense material, and stand up to bucket wear.

Available for: EC27D, EC35D, EC55B Pro, ECR25D, ECR35D, ECR88 Plus

volvo attachment mini excavator

Fixed ditching bucket

Ditching buckets are designed for work such as landscaping, cleaning ditches, grading, finishing and back filling. Features include drain holes to reduce weight and ease material release during operation, internal reinforcing plates gives to add strength and rigidity to the bucket, and a reversible bolt-on edge.

Available for: EC140D, EC210D, EC220D, EC250D, EC27D, EC300D, EC350D, EC35D, EC380D, EC480D, EC55B Pro, ECR25D, ECR35D, ECR88 Plus

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