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Further increased Volvo durability

Strengthened upper and lower frame structure, reinforced boom/arm and reinforced undercarriage frame and wear parts guarantee a long machine life and maximum uptime.

volvo excavator ec290b prime t3

Volvo - A partner to trust

Volvo wants you to trust your Volvo excavator. Volvo wants you to be comfortable while you work, so you can get more done. Volvo wants you to maximize profit through industry-leading fuel economy. Volvo delivered. It’s all here in the Volvo EC290B prime Excavator and it meets all your wants, needs and jobsite requirements. Perfect for contractors, civil engineers and quarry companies, the Volvo EC290B prime excels in earth moving, road building, demolition and quarry work. It’s everything you want and a whole lot more. You want a trusted partner, and this is it.

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