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volvo attachment excavator s70 q

Steelwrist Symmetrical quick coupler

Fits the S60 or S70 attachment interfaces only. It is a good choice for work which requires high performance and has the need to easily switch attachments. Features include a fully cast steel body, front pin lock technology and positive (Green) / Negative (Red) lock indication.


Sales code Operation (type) Interface Interface name Base width Weight Attachment type
8303032 Hydraulic Symmetrical type S60 338 mm 120 kg Quick Coupler
8303034 Hydraulic Symmetrical type S50 268 mm 114 kg Quick Coupler
8305926 Hydraulic Symmetrical type SQ60-5 1/4" 338 mm 144 kg Quick Coupler
8305927 Hydraulic Symmetrical type SQ60-5 3/8" 338 mm 144 kg Quick Coupler
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