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Light material bucket - Low density

High capacity light material bucket for efficient handling of low density material such as compost, refuse, coal etc.


Sales code Interface Type of wear parts / Fitting Type Capacity heaped (no wear parts) Capacity heaped (with wear parts) Width Weight Attachment type
WLA91676 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 6.8 m³ 7 m³ 3200 mm 2634 kg Bucket
WLA91677 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 7.8 m³ 8 m³ 3400 mm 2872 kg Bucket
WLA92032 Pin-on type Bolted 6.8 m³ 7 m³ 3200 mm 2798 kg Bucket
WLA92117 Pin-on type Bolted 7.8 m³ 8 m³ 3400 mm 3104 kg Bucket
WLA94686 Pin-on type Bolted 5.7 m³ 5.9 m³ 3200 mm 2610 kg Bucket
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