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Sorting grapple

The sorting grapple has relatively long and straight tines that can slide along the ground so the grapple can be easily filled when loading from stacks and sorting bunkers. This grapple can also be used for unloading.


Sales code Grapple Type Interface Grapple area Grapple width Max opening width Min handle diameter Attachment type
WLA80835 Sorting Grapple Pin-on type 1.8 m² 1630 mm 2630 mm 1060 mm Grapple
WLA82339 Sorting Grapple Pin-on type 1.3 m² 1630 mm 2380 mm 310 mm Grapple
WLA82340 Sorting Grapple Pin-on type 1.3 m² 1200 mm 2370 mm 320 mm Grapple
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