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Tiltable ditching bucket

Ditching buckets are designed for work like landscaping, cleaning ditches, grading, finishing and back filling. A tiltable ditching bucket is a very flexible and versatile solution and is designed to tilt laterally in both directions. The tilt function facilitates cleaning and leveling along ditches and banks in an easy way, and allows the machine to work parallel to the ditch. The 45 degree tilting function in both directions enables the bucket to tilt throughout the whole work process.


Sales code Interface Interface name Capacity Cutting width Weight Side cutting edge description (type) Attachment type
11871318 Pin-on type S1 0.27 m³ 1500 mm 385 kg - Bucket
11871320 SW-type S1 0.27 m³ 1500 mm 354 kg - Bucket
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