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Fuel report

Fuel efficiency at your fingertips

Fuel report

Gain invaluable insight into your machine’s fuel efficiency with Fuel Report, designed to lower your operating costs and maximize profitability. Operate at maximum capacity and make sure your machines are functioning efficiently with Fuel Report.

Take action

Identify any inefficiency with Fuel Report, designed to help you reduce the industry’s number one operational cost factor. With detailed machine data, Fuel Report supports in taking corrective actions to reverse machine issues and improve fuel efficiency.

Easy to read

Save time and money with the ready-made report, presented to you in a simple, user-friendly format, eliminating the need to sift through complicated data. Stay informed about your machine’s fuel consumption, percentage of utilization and idle time to ensure a more fuel efficient operation.


Fuel Report is tailored to your company’s structure. Customize it even more to include specific objectives, so you can tightly monitor progress and achievements. Choose a Fuel Report that best fits your business requirements and achieve maximum fuel efficiency with a range of reports.

Long-term results

Easily monitor the status of your machine's fuel efficiency on a weekly or monthly basis to secure improvements that withstand the test of time. Use Fuel Report as a follow-up tool to examine results of corrective actions that have been implemented and maintain long-term fuel efficiency.

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