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On-board Weighing

When it comes to loading the optimum amount of material, intuition can only get you so far. Are you moving enough material, or moving too much? Say goodbye to guess-work with the On-Board Weighing app. The dynamic load weighing system provides real-time insights into the bucket’s load, so you can eliminate overloading, underloading, reweighing and waiting times.

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Operator Coaching

As machines become more advanced, and with smarter technology, the Operator Coaching app helps to ensure operators are using their Volvo machine to its full potential. The intuitive app provides real-time guidance to operators, helping them understand how their actions influence machine productivity and efficiency, as well as identify areas for improvement or changes in their technique.

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Tire pressure monitoring system

With the tire pressure monitoring app, you can check the condition of your tires from the comfort of the cab. Providing real-time information, the integrated system saves time during machine inspections and can prolong tire lifetime.

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Get accurate machine positioning with Map, a clever app that allows operators to monitor on-site traffic in real-time. Not only does this give operators an improved orientation of the site they are working on, but it allows them to proactively adjust their driving behavior according to traffic conditions.

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Get started with the Calculator, Notes and Weather apps, pre-installed within Volvo Co-Pilot.

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