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Rehandling Flat Floor bucket

The best choice for handling, stockpiling and loading processed material, such as sand, gravel and aggregate. Optimized for soft underfoot conditions. Maximize traction and break-out force, while maintaining a clean and level work area for unbeatable productivity and efficiency. Available with optional bolt-on edge.


Sales code Interface Type of wear parts / Fitting Type Capacity heaped (no wear parts) Capacity heaped (with wear parts) Width Weight Attachment type
WLA86786 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 3.3 m³ 3.5 m³ 3000 mm 1508 kg Bucket
WLA86787 Volvo attachment bracket Bolted 3.7 m³ 3.9 m³ 3000 mm 1600 kg Bucket
WLA86788 Pin-on type Bolted 3.3 m³ 3.5 m³ 3000 mm 1565 kg Bucket
WLA86789 Pin-on type Bolted 3.7 m³ 3.9 m³ 3000 mm 1661 kg Bucket
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