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General Purpose bucket - Universal cut

General purpose buckets are designed to be used in a large variety of ground conditions for all digging jobs. Handles materials like soil, clay, sand and dirt as well as tougher grounds with gravel and stones. They have a reinforced cutting edge and welded wear strips to conquer hard and dense materials and stand up to bucket wear.


Sales code Interface Capacity Cutting width Weight Wear parts (type) Wear parts (nr) Side cutting edge description (type) Attachment type
11839669 Pin-on type 0.052 m³ 300 mm 56 kg 5GPE 2 - Bucket
11839671 Pin-on type 0.068 m³ 400 mm 62 kg 5GPE 3 - Bucket
11839672 Pin-on type 0.08 m³ 450 mm 68 kg 5GPE 4 - Bucket
11839673 Pin-on type 0.091 m³ 500 mm 72 kg 5GPE 4 - Bucket
11839674 Pin-on type 0.114 m³ 600 mm 90 kg 5GPE 5 - Bucket
11839676 Pin-on type 0.148 m³ 750 mm 96 kg 5GPE 5 - Bucket
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