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Volvo offers various screeds for the pavers to meet the specific needs of the customer. With the advanced DuoTamp High Density screed, very high compaction is achieved by the screed, reducing or even eliminating the need for rolling. The result is uniform compaction and optimum evenness of the placed pavement.

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The Volvo fixed screeds for ABG pavers are combination tamping and vibratory screeds with a basic width of 2.50 m or 4.75 m. They can be specified with either single tamper or dual tamper system. The variable amplitude selection enables the operator to preselected the tamper amplitude according to the paving material and site conditions. The vibration system does not only obtain additional compaction, but also improves the surface texture, particularly when laying wearing courses.

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Screeds Variomatic

The Variomatic screeds are easily extended to more than double their basic width, making these screeds extremely flexible.

Overview of attachments
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